The words that ring in my Ears 


Deaf People can Hear !

Deaf people use the region of the brain associated with hearing to sense vibrations, a new study shows. “These findings illustrate how altered experience can affect brain organization,” says investigator Dean Shibata of the University of Washington. He presented his results yesterday at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), Shibata scanned the brains of 10 deaf students and 11 students with normal hearing while they experienced intermittent vibrations on their hands. All the subjects showed activity in the region of the brain that processes vibrations. The deaf students, however, also exhibited activity in the auditory cortex, a golf-ball-size area used in hearing. “In someone who is deaf,” he explains, “the young brain takes advantage of valuable real estate in the brain by processing vibrations in the part of the brain that would otherwise be used to process sound.”

Because vibrations and sound have similar features, Shibata notes, it makes sense that the brain can adapt to replace one with the other in a processing region. What’s more, he suggests, it may be helpful to expose deaf children to music and vibrations converted from speech sounds early in development 

Although this was a recent study I could have told you this 40 years ago it was the only way to grab our parents attention…

Stop Staring.

I read today somewhere that being deaf was a massive barrier for making friends and that it was a daily struggle to find people to strike a conversation with .Just wanted to let you know that being CODA(Child of a deaf adult ) I had the same problem,It was a daily struggle for me too.

I am far from begging pity here.complete opposite ,I just wanted to let that one out the bag.

No one wanted to play with the deaf peoples kids,They were just too weird.

I had a friend once(i’ll use that lightly)

This “friend” became my best friend and spent the whole time staring at my parents .

I was trying my hardest to swing on a rope in a tree across the road from where we lived and another child same age as me about 8 joined in .

After a bit of toing and froing we collapsed in a heap laughing that our sides were hurting,I decided there and then I had the best friend in the world.

The following day Stephen knocked on the door and I answered,seeing him at the door made me smile from ear to ear because no one ever knocked for me . 

I always opened the door,My parents never did ,I suppose it was a case of you heard it first so answer it ,which I did ever since i was tiny .

I ran to the kitchen ,tapped mum lightly on the arm ,even though i was so happy i wanted to shake her,Not a good idea,my mother hated being abruptly tapped on the shoulder or worse having her elbow pulled down towards the floor .So lightly i tapped and asked in sign if I can go out with Stephen.

Mum didn’t know who Stephen was so wiping her hands with a towel she made her way to the street door.

Even then i panicked a tiny bit ,wondering what she would try to say to Stephen.

I needed not of worried though because she just smiled at my new best friend and patted my shoulder and slowly guided me out the door.I was so happy .

This went on for a number of days over the holidays and we had a great time on the rope swing.Sometimes too much time and this one time I forgot to check in and mum sent Dad out to get me.

I could hear dad before he made his way across the field ,It was a low kind of mumble but very loud ,I understood my parents voices perfectly ,even if my mum shouted from another room to pass her handbag .I would do just that.My dad called me over and off I skipped .

The following day Stephen knocked ..But before i could seek permission again to go out ,Stephen stopped me in my tracks and asked if he could come into the house and play .

I went and quietly asked my mum who was facing Stephen at this point ,my back was to him and  in a low key fashion asked if Stephen can play in the house with me.

Off course she smiled and waved him in.

Mum went about her business and whilst carrying stuff upstairs,Stephen asked me outright

“whats wrong with your mum?” 

“nothing i replied ,shes OK” 

“nope” Stephen said looking towards the door “my mum said your mum is dumb”

I remember tensing up and feeling slightly embarrassed “my mum is not dumb,she was born hearing and got jaundice which caused her deafness at the age of 4.she has vocal cords and is quite clever actually” 

I think this was the first time I actually stuck up for my mum 

Stephen shrugged ” you got any biscuits”

Stephen would visit every other day,and we stopped playing out because he wanted to sit in our house and watch us lot communicate .I became aware of this when we were playing with a jigsaw and he was sitting their open mouthed staring at my mum and dad whilst they discussed what to have for dinner .

“stop staring Stephen” 

He laughed and i laughed with him .but all he did was sit in our house and stare ,after a while mum said we were to busy in the house to have him play all the time and it fizzled out ,he stopped knocking and i was relieved because his staring got on my nerves.


This is not Stephen.Just some random off Google !!!